Feed your Hunger with these Best Desi Restaurants in Lahore

Lahore is one of the most lively cities in Pakistan. It means that people look for adventure when they visit Lahore.

One of the many reasons why people love Lahore is for the rich culture that mixes up multiple cuisines. The dishes in Lahore range from desi to foreign. This means that you will find dishes like paaye, nihari, sushi, and seafood, all can be found with perfect taste in Lahore.

Well! We all love to have desi food every time we need to feed our hunger!

There are people who are not satisfied no matter what cuisine they taste. Such picky eaters crave the idea of desi restaurants in Lahore. Today we will discuss these cuisines that will be exquisite flavors for you.

When we look at Pakistani culture in depth, we focus on many aspects. This article is a compilation of the top eight restaurants that you should try when you visit Lahore!

Lahore is a place where people come from many parts. This is a centre of a culture where you will love the idea of a desi touch to foods!

Where to Eat Desi Food? – Top 8 Best Desi Restaurants in Lahore

Suppose you think that looking for a restaurant in Lahore will be a struggle. You are wrong here!

We will help you find the right restaurant if you are looking for a desi spot. There are many worth trying restaurants available in Lahore that offer Desi food.

Move around the city and explore your taste buds!

So let’s dive in and discuss the top restaurants in Lahore.

Poet Restaurant:

When we discuss the top desi restaurants in Lahore, the Poet Restaurant needs no introduction. You will witness that it is one of the best places to dine out, especially if you are planning to cover a memorable event. You will often come across people that talk about the beauty that comes with the Poet restaurant. This restaurant depicts the perfect view along with the best traditional touch to cuisines.

People who enjoy discovering Indian cuisine alternatives while enjoying exquisite dining should go there. All of the traditional foods, including BBQ, karahi, and biryani, are available on the menu. You appear to have everything you need to enjoy the cuisine at its finest.

Butt Karahi:

If you are looking for the essence of the Lahori culture, then you should visit Butt Karachi. They are best known for the Karachi everyone loves. Moreover, all the spices are perfectly balanced, along with a perfect taste.

Even with Karachi being their signature dish, they master many other dishes too that are worth trying. People that have a soft spot for sweets will also love this restaurant for the quality ras malai and kheer. The hot and tender Gulab Jaman is also the root of this restaurant.

Muhammad Nahari’s house:

Nahari is mostly found in Karachi. However, it is a different experience to taste the spices of different cities. You will love the Mohammadi Nahari House if you are looking for the best nihari. It is one of the Best desi restaurants in Lahore. The hot and sizzling nihari fills your mouth with tender meat and juice that carries multiple spices.

The Mohammadi Nahri House is currently open for visits in Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, and Murree.


Tabaq is an Arabic dish. This dish is composed of one big plate that carries the full meal. You will love the accurate taste of desi stuff. Tabaq is an Arabic origin name. However, this restaurant is located in Gulberg, Lahore. It is one of the oldest fine-dining restaurants in Lahore.

You should try ordering their meal specialities like Lahori Fried Fish, Minni Pepper Steak, Alfredo Pasta, Chicken Adabu, and Chicken Hareesa when dining at Tabaq restaurant with your friends and family.

Yasir Broast:

You can find 5 different branches of Yasir Broast in Lahore. This indicates the value and demand itself. However, the restaurant has a family-style approach. They aim for the best quality food. The chicken and other eateries are top-notch. You will love the taste and tenderness of the meat.

They are known for their mutton and chicken dishes. The Tawa and conventional handles have gotten nothing but praise. The cuisine also has a variety of Indian sweets, including kheer and gajar ka halwa. On-demand, a clay oven here produces freshly made rotis and naans.

Al- Nakhal:

Johar town is also one of the most famous Best desi restaurants in Lahore for foodies. Al-Nakhal in Johar Town has the best BBQ! You will love the range of botis, seekh kabab, desi food, and other smokey meat.

However, It has both indoor and outdoor seating available. You can choose whatever fits you best. Some places also offer a tent set up where you can have a seating arrangement on-floor. It is worth trying by many people since it is a unique experience to try.

Zakir Tikka:

Our list of the best 5 Indian restaurants in Lahore concludes with Zakir Tikka in Faisal Town. This restaurant offers casual meals and boasts a live barbecue. Additionally, a buffet is available. The restaurant provides a large variety of karahis, hands, and kormas.

A few specific fish meals are among their specialities, and the restaurant also provides burgers, sandwiches, and a ton of inexpensive specials. Invite friends over for a get-together, or take your family out for a fun day. Enjoy the tasty and distinctive tastes of Pakistani cuisine. However, the restaurant offers live music at night for entertainment.

Spice Bazar:

If you feel uncomfortable eating at ‘Dhaba,’ then you can rely on Spice Bazar. Here you will find the right balance of spices and street food with the best ambience. It is a newly launched venture, and still, people love the idea of mixed cuisines.

Moreover, it is known to carry goodwill so far with the least customer complaints possible.

Final Verdict:

Fine dining and eating little quantities in reputable places are becoming more popular in Lahore. But nothing competes with the taste of our Desi culture. However, The tarkaas, masalas, and everything Desi are what make Lahori dishes so unique! It’s worth trying out when it comes to satisfying our taste buds.

If you are one of the foodie people, check out this awesome list of Desi restaurants Lahore has to offer. Spot out the best place to enjoy the best desi food!

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