How to Break Concrete with Hand Tools

When you need to break concrete, you must consider the help of experts who will guide you through the process of demolition. They will help you to find the best procedure for breaking up the concrete, and there are many techniques used for the process. You can do the task yourself, and learn how to break concrete with hand tools. We will guide you about the process, and provide you with the ways to break concrete while using hand tools.

Here, we can guide you through the process of using the best demolition tools for breaking concrete. We will help you to pick the best tools for demolition. 

Assess Your Concrete Demolition Project

You must plan it before grinding the concrete, and use a piece of paper to jot down the details. This will guide you to find the details and procedures used to break the concrete into small parts. It finds the details like do you have the material to transport the rubble, whether is it necessary to have the accuracy, need heavy machinery, the accuracy of the site, the type of job, the cost of the project, and the concrete type you are working with.

Factors affecting Project scale

There are many factors that affect the scale of the project. So, you need to consider these factors while breaking the concrete. The more concrete, the greater will be the job, and the more tools you will need. You require a solid plan if you want to develop the project.

You can hire an expert for concrete demolition projects. You will also need to hire a crew for the full demolition of the concrete. So, you must consider these factors while breaking concrete with hand tools. Also, you can hire two workers to break the concrete and two to haul the project. So, you must prepare before doing work and learn how to break concrete with hand tools.

Start Preparing for The Project

So, you must prepare the materials to perform the project. If the area is small, you can do the job yourself. You will need to find out if your demo project requires breaking it into smaller pieces. You require a skid steer loader for picking up the rubble. If your site is accessible, can you reach it to eliminate the rubble and do work? If you are working with reinforced concrete or unreinforced concrete. When you are working on a demo project, you can work on a budget, ask for help, and learn the type of work that is expected.

What You Need to Know Before Starting A Project

There are some points you need to consider when taking on a project. 

1. Find the Area

You can find a controlled environment, and find the area where you can create a secure and safe area. You can get protection from sliding, windows, and other areas that can cause damage. You can add a polypropylene sheet to cover the area yourself.

2. Rely on a Two Person Time

You need the services of a two-person team to finish the project. One to hammer, and one to pry. The first individual breaks the concrete, while the other one works to cut down the pieces and make them smaller. You can begin at the corner and then proceed toward the center of the concrete. If one piece does not crack, you should move towards the other piece until a fracture forms in the area.

You can work with a mattock or other types of tools, and break apart the broken pieces of concrete. You can push the chunks apart, and move towards the wider part of the blade to move the material out of the way.

3. Cut Rebar and Wiring

Many concrete slabs have been reinforced with steel in order to resist damage. You can cut the whole of the wire you’re breaking up the material. You can break the slab into small pieces, and also cut the wire. Also, if you are dealing with wires, you can make use of a wirecutter.

4. Disposal of the Rubble

Once you have broken up the concrete with the use of hand tools, you must dispose of the material. You can dispose of it at a nearby relocation center. But, some centers will take the material but will charge you money especially if there is steel or rebar in the rubble.

5. Use Appropriate Tools

You can work with the right tools to break concrete. You must learn properly how to break concrete with hand tools. You need the proper tools to differentiate between excessive and strategic work. You will need a heavy-duty wheelbarrow to haul the rubble. Moreover, you can rent a wheelbarrow for more support.

You need proper tools to break the concrete into small pieces. These include a pry bar, reciprocating saw, wheelbarrow, plastic, and proper safety gear. Now, we hope you must have learned how to break concrete with hand tools.

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