How to Get a Second Passport in Malta! Expert Guide

Malta is a dreamy place to live in!

But do you think getting a permanent residency is a bit challenging?

Well! We have good news for you.

Malta is offering you nationality and a second passport by investment. So, people who want to invest in Malta’s economy can participate in this program.

If you are also interested, then step up and read the below guide to know how to get it!

Although the process of getting the nationality of Malta is very efficient, so, you can soon get the nationality by taking help from the company. It might be possible that investors will enjoy the second passport benefits soon.

Ways to Get Your Second Passport in Malta:

How to get a second passport in Malta?

This question is mostly asked by people who want to live in Malta!

Many immigrants can explain this question in detail to those who want to get a passport. In Malta, the government and different trustees are running the investment program.

So, if any family or individual wants to apply for nationality, then they need to make a prominent investment in the fund.

After getting nationality, you can avail yourself benefits of free education, health, a job, and much more. You can also link your projects in Malta and innovate a new business.

Charity Donation

When you apply for the nationality of Malta through the investment option, then you have to invest in the Malta organization.

You have to invest this amount within 4 months after the approval of the application. The applicant can select the way of investment from different organizations.

We suggest you hire a Travel Agency for a better experience and get your second passport without any suffering!

Dual Citizenship Malta

Those who want to invest in Malta get dual nationality. Then he doesn’t need to renounce his current nationality.

It means Malta doesn’t have any issue if you apply for dual nationality. Though, the law of Malta allows you to apply for dual nationality. While it may be possible that your home country doesn’t allow you dual nationality.

What is the Eligibility for Malta Citizenship by Investment 2022?

The government of Malta announced a citizenship program by investment in 2013. So, anyone who wants to get nationality should invest in Malta.

But How to get a second passport in Malta?

The answer to this question is to invest in Malta and get a passport!

If you are above 18, then you can apply for nationality. You must meet the following requirements to get nationality:

Fit and Proper Test

When you have to apply for Malta citizenship, then you have to follow some strict rules and requirements.

It is because of examining the eligibility of the investor. So, the nationality is given to deserving applicants. Travel agencies helps you a lot in the whole process of getting nationality.

The proper exam is taken from the applicants who apply for nationality. The government of Malta takes this test to assess the candidate’s eligibility. The applicant needs to have a clean criminal record.

He further has to pass the test taken by the authority of Malta. The applicant should also have a police license to be eligible for nationality.

Good Health

Suppose you want to be eligible for nationality in Malta. Then you must give the certificate that you have good health. For this, you should have a health insurance policy until you get your nationality.

How Fast Can I Get my Second Passport?

How to get a second passport in Malta? No need to find the answer to this question anymore. We have discussed it in detail so you can get help from a reliable company.

If you do not have a residence permit, then you have to wait for 1 year. Then you will be eligible to get the nationality of Malta. While if you already have a residence permit, you can get nationality within 6 months.

The process of getting a visa takes almost 4 months to one year. Further, you must live for 1 year in Malta to get nationality.

Final Verdict:

We have answered how to get a second passport in Malta. Now, it is easy for you to apply for a passport and nationality.

After getting nationality, you become eligible to avail many benefits. If you find this process difficult,

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